ARGUNA® 4500
Fine Silver Electrolyte

The new bright silver high-speed electrolyte


ARGUNA® 4500 is a fine silver electrolyte for the fast deposition of ultra-bright coatings with excellent bonding, soldering and adhesive properties.

ARGUNA® 4500 is used for the selective deposition of bright silver layers in reel-to-reel plating using flow and spray technologies such as jet or spot plating modules. Applicable current density and plating speed mainly depend on the electrolyte agitation at the parts, i.e. on the flow velocity in the plant. Under optimum conditions, layers with extreme brightness and reflectance can be

The electrolyte works with insoluble anodes and can be operated with very low concentrations of free cyanide.

Your advantages:

  • High-speed electrolyte for the selective deposition of fine silver
  • For reel-to-reel plating using flow or spray technologies
  • Bright coatings with very good soldering and bonding properties
  • Insoluble anodes
  • With little free cyanide
LED background lighting coated with ARGUNA<sup>®</sup> 4500.

LED background lighting coated with ARGUNA® 4500.


  • Contact surface for semiconductors and electrical components
  • Leadframe packaging for soldering, bonding and adhesive applications