How satisfied are you with our division electrocatalytic electrodes?

It is important for us to rethink our actions from time to time, which is why we are currently…

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We can look back on an exciting year

Before we start another hopefully successful year together with you in 2020, we will take a short…

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Immediate protection for high-quality final finishes

Our high-quality protective coatings give your decorative and technical products specific…

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We keep more than 1,200 products for finishing your products.

Please note: On this website you will only find a part of our product range. Many other process opportunities help to meet your requirements. Our specialists are happy to clarify the basic conditions with you in a personal conversation and present you with a suitable solution.

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From the outside, it may seem like a game involving chemical elements - and a playful sense of creativity does actually help us alongside skills and motivation to realize the respective requirements of our broad customer base.

Whether jewellery, automotive or communications industry - just high-quality metal surfaces guarantee longevity, electrical conductivity or emphasize the product design optically and haptically. Only a few surface properties, which in our modern world increasingly determine the success of a product.

130 years of experience
With Umicore Electroplating you have an international leading supplier of electrolytes and anodes for the finishing of surfaces by your side. We are here for you, from the development to the serial production and, of course,  beyond as competent service partner.

Give your product the perfect surface.

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