Technical field service

Consulting and technical assistance on-site worldwide

More than half of our service technicians at this moment are out in the field. Their objective: to improve your processes or to solve a tricky challenge that, given certain circumstances, might have never previously existed.

Whether our colleagues are currently advising a medium-sized company in the United States or someone skilled in construction in the production hall of a large group in Asia. Or the members of our international service team maybe presently writing an email with a question to a specialist in our headquarters or are sleeping after a long day - in Beijing or Jakarta, Mumbai or Singapore, Chicago or Philadelphia.

As laboratory or service technicians and long standing Umicore employees, they have intrinsic knowledge of the world of electroplating:

  • They analyze and process samples on-site in your factory.
  • As professionals, they train all your employees how to improve your processes over time.

You cannot do without intensive application support? Do not hesitate. Contact us now.