Sample processing

From sample to series production - find new solutions with us

Umicore Electroplating has all the prerequisites to provide comprehensive support:

  • For feasibility studies,
  • sample processing, 
  • scaling up your process to industrial production routines
  • and in the search for an alternative pathway laboratories and facilities are available to you at our Schwaebisch Gmuend site and at various locations worldwide.

To our everyday life belong not just simple items such as a slip ring, near parts which have to be masked, but also millions of goods for reel-to-reel plating and barrel plating which are precisely coated. We fine-tune results with you on individual items and small batches until you have the desired result right in your hand and the pilot series has been produced.

Even then, our experts will not desert you: we scale your process to any size. Until you tell us stop.