Imprint Research | Umicore


We are globally renowned and successful thanks to our brands AURUNA®, ARGUNA®, RHODUNA® and MIRALLOY® to name just the most significant products in our range. Based on precious metal competences established over decades, new products and client-specific modifications are constantly emerging to meet to the industry’s increasing expectations.

Clear importance of innovation and research

Furthermore, economic and environmental reasons drive us to bring out new competitive products. That’s why we invest around 10% of our turnover into research and development each year. Laboratory equipment, employee capacity and skills are factors that impact success and that are constantly adjusted to reflect the latest needs. 

Swabian spirit of invention spurns us on

Countless patents prove our innovative spirit as well as confirm our leading role in surface coating research. Our 50 highly qualified and creative specialists work each day to develop products and adapt them to the latest market needs, establishing bigger and better status quos.

Umicore among ‘Germany’s innovation leaders’

We are proud to be crowned one of ‘Germany’s innovation leaders’ by the FAZ. The study looked at all patents registered by German businesses over the last 10 years. The more often a patent was cited, the more it has helped shape wider knowledge or technology.