Solutions engineered in Germany

Umicore Electroplating is one of the leading innovators in the field of surface coatings. For more than 125 years German inventiveness is the base.

About 50 employees in Schwaebisch Gmuend continuously work on how to improve our products. Highly qualified staff and latest equipment pay off: We hold almost 50 patents worldwide.

50 colleagues, 50 patents

In our laboratories, we constantly create new electrolytes and processes - or we find solutions for specific challenges in cooperation with our customers.
We focus on several topics: Do you want to produce with a higher current density and enhance the output? Your customer demands that parts have to be extremely selectively coated? Do you need an efficient anti-tarnish protection?

Three examples of our innovation capability

Some new developments show how seriously we take health and environmental protection: Our team has developed several nickel-free electrolytes in the last few years. Products in our PALLUNA®-ACF range are completely ammonia- and chloride-free. Platinized titanium anodes of Umicore Electroplating for hard chrome plating avoid lead chromate.

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