Analytical Laboratory

Quality assurance

Our analytical lab is an important element of our quality assurance. The analytical team checks that the materials used comply with the defined requirements, and reviews our products, such as initial and replenisher chemicals or precious metal preparations, to ensure they uphold specifications. 

Analytics and research work hand in hand

Analytics is also a key building block of product development. New materials require new methods of analysis. Therefore, development work always requires suitable analysis. 

Regular analysis for our clients

In order to support our clients with their process assurance, we analyze their electrolyte samples using a broad spectrum of parameters. This takes place at defined intervals as well as whenever electrolytes require optimization. 
The results of these analyses then form the foundations of our product lab’s work to provide suggestions for improvements or other measures. 

Broad spectrum of analysis

Varied tasks require a diverse range of tools. This includes potentiometric titration, ICP-OES measurements, AAS, spectroscopy (UV, IR), HPLC and ion chromatography as well as electrochemical measurement processes.

Excellent set-up around the globe

As well as our site in Schwäbisch Gmünd, we have additional labs at our other Umicore sites and our partner facilities. Including China, Japan and Thailand.