NIPHOS® Nickel-Phosphorus Electrolyte

Electrolytic process for the deposition of Nickel-phosphorus

With NIPHOS® nickel-phosphorus alloy layers in barrel-, rack- and reel-to-reel lines can be plated electrolytically. The electrolytes are free from halides and contain, besides nickel, no other heavy metals such as lead or cadmium.

It is possible to work with soluble anodes (nickel), insoluble anodes (platinum-plated titanium or MMO) or a combination of both. The lifetime is almost unlimited and corresponds to the one of bright nickel electrolytes. Nickel-phosphorus layers are amorphous, diamagnetic, abrasion and corrosion resistant. The layers are applied as intermediate layers (prior to e.g. tin, chromium or gold) or as final layer.

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type


Metal content

80 (60 - 90) g/l Ni
25 (22 - 28) g/l P

pH value

2.6 (2.5 - 2.7)

Operating temperature

60 (55 - 75) °C

Current density range: Rack operation

4 (3 - 5) A/dm²

Current density range: Barrel operation

1.5 (1 - 2) A/dm²

Plating speed: Rack operation at 4 A/dm²

0.4 μm/min

Plating speed: Barrel operation at 1.5 A/dm²

0.15 μm/min

Coating characteristics



Alloy composition

87 - 89 wt.% Ni
11 - 13 wt.% P

Colour of deposit





550 - 600 HV

Density of the coating

Appr. 7.8 g/cm³


  • Electrolytic deposition of nickel-phosphorus alloy layers
  • Simple electrolyte maintenance at temperatures of 60°C
  • Long lifetime of the electrolyte
  • Does not contain halides, ammonia or heavy metals such as lead or cadmium
  • For rack-, barrel- or reel-to-reel operation
  • High hardness (up to 1,200 HV after heat treatment)
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable as final or intermediate layer


  • Replacement of electroless nickel
  • Alternative or addition to technical chromium-plating
  • Weldable and bondable surface finish
  • Decorative, stainless steel coloured surface finish
  • Diamagnetic coating of RF connectors
  • Intermediate layer prior to gold-plating of connectors
  • Electroforming, e.g. of matrices

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