ARGUNA® 630 GAM Hard Silver Electrolyte

For the deposition of silver layers with high hardness

ARGUNA® 630 GAM is an alkaline cyanide hard silver electrolyte for (electro) technical applications. The additives increase the wear resistance compared to conventional silver layers significantly: The layers obtain a stable hardness of 120 to 130 HV, even after thermal aging.

In particular, ARGUNA® GAM 630 is, suitable for electromechanical components that are exposed to increased mechanical stress. The higher hardness and improved wear resistance allow significantly more mating cycles. Additionally, the reliability and durability of the contact systems increase.

According to the operating parameters, the electrolyte is suitable for reel-to-reel plating, rack and barrel systems.

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type


Metal content

30 - 60 g/l Ag

KCN content

130 (110 - 140) g/l

pH value


Operating temperature

25 - 40 °C

Current density range: Rack operation

0.5 - 5 A/dm²

Current density range: Barrel operation

0.5 - 2 A/dm²

Current density range: Reel-to-reel plating

10 - 40 A/dm²

Plating speed: Rack operation at 1 A/dm2

1 μm in 1.5 min

Plating speed: Rack operation at 5 A/dm2

1 μm in 0.3 min

Plating speed: Reel-to-reel plating at 20 A/dm2

13 μm in 1 min

Anode material

Pt-Ti (type PLATINODE® Pt/Ti)

Coating characteristics


Fine silver

Alloy composition

99.9 wt.% Ag

Colour of deposit





170 - 190 HV as plated

Max. coating thickness

> 100 μm

Density of the coating

10.5 g/cm³


  • Perfect silver layers for highly stressed electromechanical components
  • High, stable coating hardness between 120 to 130 HV, even after thermal aging
  • Low wear, thus significantly more mating cycles
  • Suitable for reel-to-reel plating, rack and barrel plating
  • Good electrical properties, even for high voltage


  • Electromechanical connectors
  • High voltage contacts
  • Plug-in chargers for electric vehicles

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