Gobright® TWX-40
Gold Electrolyte

Semi autocatalytic gold electrolyte


Gobright® TWX-40 is a special gold electrolyte specifically designed for plating on electroless palladium deposits. The electrolyte is able to deposit uniform gold layers up to 0.3 μm independent of pad sizes and PCB surface potential. Due to its semi autocatalytic reaction corrosive attack on the intermediate nickel layer is almost excluded. As a result an improvement in solder joint reliability and gold wire bondability can be achieved.

Your advantages:

  • Can be used for different solderable and bondable PCB final finishes: ENEPIG, ENIG, EPIG and ISIG
  • Does not cause Ni corrosion, even with higher gold layer thicknesses
  • Homogeneous perfect gold thickness distribution, independent of circuit layout and potential
  • Excellent solder joint reliability
  • Very good gold wire bondability
  • Can be directly deposited on nickel or palladium without intermediate activation
Gobright<sup>®</sup> TWX-40 is used as gold layer in PCB for the LED industry.

Gobright® TWX-40 is used as gold layer in PCB for the LED industry.


  • LED application
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace technology