Bright Silver Electrolyte

Bright silver electrolyte for technical applications


The ARGUNA® ET-P silver electrolyte is used to deposit bright silver coatings for (electro) technical applications. The process is especially suitable for rack operation.

Deposits on matt surfaces are smooth and fine-grained. The coatings have very good electrical properties. The hardness of the coatings as plated is about 110 - 130 HV 0.025 and drops to a final value of 70 - 80 HV 0.025 during storage.

ARGUNA® ET-P is a fine silver electrolyte of ultra-bright coatings with excellent bonding, soldering and adhesive properties. It is mainly used for LED application with full plated silver leadframe.

Your advantages:

  • Bright coatings with good soldering and bonding properties
  • For rack and barrel plating
  • For reel-to-reel plating using flow technologies
  • Use of soluble anodes
Retrofit LED lamp for lighting applications.

Retrofit LED lamp for lighting applications.


Leadframe packaging for soldering, bonding and adhesive application.