Fine Silver Electrolyte

For deposition of bright silver layers


ARGUNA® 630 is an alkaline-cyanide silver electrolyte for (electro) technical and decorative applications. Depending on the operating parameters chosen, the electrolyte can be used in reel-to-reel plating as well as for rack and barrel plating.

Since thick and bright silver layers can be deposited from ARGUNA® 630, it is suitable for decorative purposes. In the technical field, the main focus clearly is on the very good electrical properties and the excellent bonding and soldering characteristics of the silver layers.

Due to a reflection density of up to 1.5 GAM and the high temperature resistance of the coatings, the electrolyte can also be used for final finishes on LEDs.

Your advantages:

  • For (electro)technical and decorative applications
  • Suitable for rack and barrel plating
  • Bright and thick layers can be deposited
  • Operating temperature up to 40 °C possible
  • Transparent colour of the electrolyte
  • Can be used in reel-to-reel plating using flow or spray technologies for either all-over or selective silver plating of strip materials
  • Excellent soldering and bonding properties
  • High temperature resistance of the layers
  • Reflection density of the coatings of up to 1.5 GAM possible
  • Can be used as LED final finish
Retrofit LED lamp coated with ARGUNA<sup>®</sup> 630.

Retrofit LED lamp coated with ARGUNA® 630.


  • Contact surfaces of electrical and electronic components
  • Coated wires as high-quality conducting material for medical technology and aerospace industry
  • LED final finish