Bright Silver Electrolyte
for Electroforming

For noble silver hollow jewellery


ARGUNA® 621 EF is a silver electrolyte, especially to produce noble hollow jewellery. A layer with high thickness can be deposited on mandrels made conductive.

The electrolyte works with wax and metal cores. It can be used within a wide current density range and is suitable for relatively high temperature ranges (40 degrees Celsius). Its good throwing power results in a uniform layer thickness distribution. The surfaces are bright and brilliant white, without blue cast and have a fineness of 99.9 percent silver.

The layers can be easily reworked and soldered. Its hardness can be further increased with ARGUNA® 621 Brightener 3 up to approximately 185 HV.

Your advantages:

  • Bright silver electrolyte for producing hollow jewellery on wax and metal cores
  • Suitable for relatively high temperature ranges (40 degrees Celsius)
  • Surfaces are brilliant white
  • Wide current density range
  • Very good throwing power, therefore, uniform thickness distribution
With ARGUNA<sup>®</sup> 621 EF electroformed hollow jewellery.

With ARGUNA® 621 EF electroformed hollow jewellery.


  • Electroforming
  • Hollow jewellery