Silver Electrolytes

Silver electrolytes for jewellery, connectors and LEDs

Looking for silver electrolytes, which provide perfect surfaces both in decorative and technical applications - such as connectors or LEDs? We fulfill these high requirements with our ARGUNA® series. Numerous success stories from leading manufacturers confirm this.

We are sure to have the right solutions for you when your concerns relate to keywords such as ultra-bright silver and hard silver, silver brightener, lead frame, high-speed deposition, reel-to-reel, soldering and bonding on silver or spot plating.

Find out, for example, right here some key facts about our all-rounder ARGUNA® 621.

Don´t forget: do you want to effectively protect silver layers against tarnishing? Take a look at our products for post-processing.

Please note: Here you may find just a part of our product range. We may have more processes for your requirements, which we could discuss together in more details. Please contact us.