RHODUNA® 470 Black
Rhodium Electrolyte

Abrasion-resistant and crack-free dark coatings


RHODUNA® 470 Black adds a superior final layer to jewellery with a thickness up to 0.3 μm. The layer persuades with good corrosion resistance. The electrolyte is perfectly suited for applications where black ruthenium cannot fulfill the requested abrasion requirements.

The black rhodium electrolyte produces crack-free coatings, even at high layer thickness. The darkness can be adjusted. On the basic substrate, pre-gold plating or a pre-plating with rhodium is recommended.

It is absolutely essential to post-treat black rhodium-plated goods in RHODUNA® 470 Black Post Treatment for proper wear resistance and achieving a tarnish free surface.

Your advantages:

  • Perfect electrolyte for dark to black decorative layers
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Layer thickness up to 0.3 μm possible
  • Suitable for rack
Ring coated with RHODUNA<sup>®</sup> 470 Black.

Ring coated with RHODUNA® 470 Black.


  • Jewellery
  • Watches
  • Spectacle frames
  • Writing instruments
  • Accessories