Umicore Antitarnish 616 PLUS

Heavy metal free Antitarnish process for silver


Umicore Antitarnish 616 is a medium based on nano-technology for protecting silver against tarnishing. Special nanopolymers absorb on the silver surface and cross-link to form a protective layer of a few nanometers thickness. The invisible layer protects the base material from oxidation and discoloration.

Through the additional use of Umicore Antitarnish 616 Makeup Salt PLUS, as well as the application of an electrical voltage, Umicore Antitarnish 616 can be applied even better and more securely to the surfaces to be protected. Thus, not only silver surfaces, but also other metallic surfaces can be protected from oxidation and discoloration. In comparison with antitarnish processes available on the market, it is possible to improve the resistance of protected silver surfaces enormously, e.g. in 2% K2S solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Antitarnish process for silver and other metallic surfaces
  • Free from the Cr (VI) compounds restricted in use
  • Biologically safe, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Reduces the fingerprint sensitivity of the surfaces
  • Suitable for rack, barrel and reel-to-reel plating
Umicore Antitarnish 616 PLUS provides silver with special protection.

Umicore Antitarnish 616 PLUS provides silver with special protection.


Silver and other metallic surfaces