Pure Palladium Electrolyte

Ammonia-free and chloride-free


PALLUNA® ACF-800 is a newly developed neutral pure palladium electrolyte, which has a wide operating range and can be plated directly on nickel, copper or copper alloys.

PALLUNA® ACF-800 is ammonia-free and thereby avoids unpleasant smells. Furthermore the lifetime of the anodes is significantly extended and the corrosion of the system is immensely reduced by abstaining from the use of chloride. The produced layers are ultra-bright, crack-free and show low internal stress. At the same time they are ductile and extremely corrosion resistant.

By continuous activated carbon treatment organic decomposition products in the electrolyte can be removed.

Your advantages:

  • No unpleasant smell of ammonia
  • Easy electrolyte maintenance
  • High plating speed
  • Neutral, ammonia-free and chloride-free electrolyte
  • Ductile, ultra-bright and crack-free coatings
  • Very good soldering and bonding features
  • For rack and reel-to-reel operation
Smartcards coated with PALLUNA<sup>®</sup> ACF-800.

Smartcards coated with PALLUNA® ACF-800.


  • Printed circuit boards
  • Contacts on plug-in cards
  • Smartcards
  • On bonding wire