Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte

High-speed deposition for reel-to-reel plating


The new palladium nickel electrolyte PALLUNA® ACF-100 has all the technical advantages of other electrolytes - but without the smell of ammonia. The deposited layers are ductile, crack-free and resistant to abrasion. Furthermore, PALLUNA® ACF-100 has the cost benefit on its side: With comparable contact properties to those of hard gold, the palladium-nickel layer is by far the less expensive alternative.

PALLUNA® ACF-100 is a high-speed electrolyte, free of ammonia and chloride, for depositing a bright palladium-nickel-alloy in reel-to-reel lines (selective dipping, jet plating, brush plating) and in tabplaters.

Depending on the operation conditions, the electrolyte deposits alloy coatings with approx. 80 % of Pd. The alloy composition is largely independent of the current density. Electrolyte maintenance without ammonia and chloride. Breakdown products could be removed by carbon treatment easily. Continuous carbon treatment is feasible.

Your advantages:

  • Free from ammonia and chloride
  • No smell nuisance by ammonia gas
  • Reduced corrosion of equipment
  • Long lifetime of anodes
  • Ductile coatings
  • Constant alloy composition
PALLUNA<sup>®</sup> ACF-100 coatings plus AURUNA<sup>®</sup> 8100 Flashgold are used for industrial connectors.

PALLUNA® ACF-100 coatings plus AURUNA® 8100 Flashgold are used for industrial connectors.


  • Electrical contacts for Connector Industry
  • Hardgold replacement