Palladium Electrolytes

Palladium electrolytes: perfect as replacement for hard gold

Palladium electrolytes offer fascinating opportunities: you want to reduce your gold usage and are searching for a hard gold-replacement? Take some time and look around here. It is worth it.

Electrolytes of our series PALLUNA® ACF produce perfect palladium layers. Our alloys of palladium and nickel (PdNi) replace hard gold, for example, in high-speed coating of connectors on reel-to-reel plating. In addition, the palladium electrolytes are free of ammonium and chlorides.

Palladium is also persuasive when your concerns relate to keywords such as intermediate layer, diffusion barrier and corrosion protection. For decorative applications, we have the matching Pd electrolytes: with our pure palladium electrolyte PALLUNA® 458, you will achieve shiny, bright-white final finishes.

Ask us, we will be delighted to advise you and show you how you can reduce your precious metal usage.

Please note: Here you may find just a part of our product range. We may have more processes for your requirements, which we could discuss together in more details. Please contact us.