AURUNA® 8100
Gold Cobalt Electrolyte

High-speed electrolyte for hard gold coatings


AURUNA® 8100 is used for depositing hard gold coatings in special high-speed equipment. The weakly acidic high-speed electrolyte has a wide operating range with easy bath maintenance and extremely high plating speed.

AURUNA® 8100 was specifically developed for the automatic high-speed gold-plating in equipment for selective plating and continuously working reel-to-reel lines. Due to vigorous electrolyte agitation (flow, spray), it allows the working at high current densities with stable long-time behaviour. It can be also operated as a gold strike electrolyte.

The deposits are solderable, low in pores, ultra-bright, hard and abrasion-resistant. They have a constantly low contact resistance. Therefore the electrolyte is excellently suitable for the gold-plating of electronic components such as connectors, contacts and edge connectors on printed circuit boards.

The optional use of the AURUNA® Inhibitor 2 offers the possibility of a reduced gold consumption of up to 15%. The inhibitor allows sharp borderlines - this reduces the size of the run-off area. Of course, the layer properties remain unaffected. The inhibitor can be removed without any residue after the plating by cleaning with activated carbon.

Your advantages:

  • Weakly acidic high-speed electrolyte
  • Wide operating range
  • Extremely high plating speed
  • Low-pore, solderable, hard and abrasion-resistant coatings
  • For electrical contacts
  • Classification according to ASTM B-488-01 Type I-II, Code C-D
  • The coatings are RoHS compliant
  • For use in high-speed equipment
  • Gold savings of up to 15% by inhibitor usage
Connectors coated with AURUNA<sup>®</sup> 8100.

Connectors coated with AURUNA® 8100.


  • Connectors
  • Electrical contacts
  • Edge connectors on printed circuit boards