AURUNA® 5400
Hard Gold Electrolyte

For depositing uniformly bright coatings


AURUNA® 5400 the weakly acidic electrolyte deposits yellow, uniform bright hard gold coatings. The newly balanced brightener system of the electrolyte enables the operation in a very wide current density working range and allows a variable gold content at the same time. Due to the usage of special chemical components, the AURUNA® 5400 is equally suitable for rack and barrel application.

The deposited coatings are characterized by low porosity and an increased abrasion resistance, compared to coatings deposited in AURUNA® 539. Furthermore contacts coated with AURUNA® 5400 exhibit a low and long-time stable contact resistance and an excellent solderability. As well coatings up to 10 μm can be crack-free depositied in the electrolyte.

Your advantages:

  • Very wide operating current density range
  • For technical and decorative applications
  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Low, stable contact resistance
  • Classification according to ASTM B 488-01: Type I - II, grade C -D
AURUNA<sup>®</sup> 5400 the „one for all“ is used for technical gold plating.

AURUNA® 5400 the „one for all“ is used for technical gold plating.


  • Contact pins, contact springs, contact plugs
  • Contact materials
  • Slip rings