Gold Cobalt Electrolyte

Electrolyte for abrasion-resistant, low-corrosion hard gold layers


AURUNA® 530 is a weakly acidic hard gold electrolyte with high current efficiency. Its essential property is its high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

By choosing advantageous operating conditions (pH-value and temperature), printed circuit boards can be treated in a way which is particularly friendly to resists and lacquers, thus avoiding the lifting of masking materials.

With a gold content of at least 3 g/l, the desired high current efficiency can be reached even with sensitive resists. The plating speed is approx. 0.29 μm/min at 1 A/dm² and 35 °C.

Your advantages:

  • Weakly acidic hard gold electrolyte based on gold-cobalt with high current efficiency
  • Good compatibility with resists, like dry film and soldermask
  • Low contact resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good thickness distribution
  • Easy maintenance and high stability of the electrolyte
  • Low-pore layers with good corrosion resistance
Contacts on plug-in cards coated with AURUNA<sup>®</sup> 530.

Contacts on plug-in cards coated with AURUNA® 530.


  • Contacts on plug-in cards
  • Printed circuit boards