AURUNA® 5100
Pure Gold Electrolyte

Pure gold coatings with very good bonding and soldering properties


AURUNA® 5100 is a neutral fine gold electrolyte for depositing matt, lemon-yellow coatings. It's specifically developed for applications requiring excellent bonding and soldering properties.

In addition to good ductility, the layers from AURUNA® 5100 also exhibit a low hardness and a low contact resistance. Even under production conditions, the layers have a high gold purity of 99.99 wt. % Au.

The coatings meet the requirements of ASTM B488-01, Type III, Code A/B.

Your advantages:

  • Neutral electrolyte for pure gold coatings with very good thickness distribution
  • High current efficiency
  • Resist-friendly operating conditions
  • Excellent bonding and soldering properties
  • Low contact resistance
  • Classification according to ASTM B488-01 Type III, Code A/B
  • Compatible with standard BGA requirements
  • Easy maintenance and high stability of the electrolyte
P-BGA coated with AURUNA<sup>®</sup> 5100.

P-BGA coated with AURUNA® 5100.


  • Rigid and flexible printed circuit boards
  • Semiconductors
  • BGA applications
  • Ceramic and metallic substrates