Functional surfaces

Gold electrolytes for connectors, smartcards, LEDs etc.

Gold electrolytes are still in the leading position for final finishes of connectors, smartcards, printed circuit boards and many other electronic components.

Umicore gold electrolytes, branded AURUNA®, stand for decades of reliable electrical transmission. They are suitable for high-speed deposition in reel-to-reel plating as well as for rack and barrel plating. The surfaces are persuasive - depending on the electrolyte type - with good bonding and solder properties.

See for yourself how the alloys (for example, gold-iron, gold-nickel or gold-cobalt) perfectly produce gold layers. Remember: Umicore is certainly always a good contact.

Please note: Here you may find just a part of our product range. We may have more processes for your requirements, which we could discuss together in more details. Please contact us.