Anodes, Electrodes and Contact Materials

Dimensionally stable platinum-titanium anodes: cost effective with a long life

Dimensionally stable platinum-titanium or platinum-niobium anodes reach increasing market share under the name PLATINODE®.
There are good reasons: Pt/Ti- and Pt/Ni-anodes are convincing with very high quality and low-maintenance. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. For example, in hard chrome plating they avoid production failures through maintenance and additional costs for the disposal of lead chromate sludge.

We plan, design and build your PLATINODE® Pt/Ti or PLATINODE® Pt/Nb. We use a globally unique coating process - high-temperature electrolysis (HTE process). The platinum is deposited electrochemically in an anhydrous molten salt on expanded metal anodes. This technology was developed in the 1970s within our company.

For more than two decades, we have also produced, constructed and delivered Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) anodes under the brand name PLATINODE® MMO with the support of computer-aided designs worldwide for many applications in the Umicore Group.

Our PLATINODE® provides advantages not only in electroplating but also in water treatment and many other application fields.
In the automotive industry, for example, piston rods and rings are coated with PLATINODE® models. The lighting industry uses annually hundreds of kilometers of platinized wire and taped goods for high-tech lighting.

We are happy to supply to you a platinum layer on corrosion-resistant refractory metals such as titanium, niobium, molybdenum and tantalum.

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