RHODUNA® Alloys are economically attractive

Umicore RHODUNA® alloys for perfect black and white rhodium surfaces are also economically attractive due to the high rhodium price.

In just three short years, the price of rhodium has increased to well about 750% of its value in mid-2016. High demand has made rhodium the most expensive precious metal of them all. Producers of decorative items were especially hard hit by these prices.

That’s why we offer three alternative rhodium electrolytes, which are significantly more economically attractive due to their composition

Cost Savings of Alloys

With Precious Metal Prices from 09.12.2019

Layer Prices and Cost Savings

RHODUNA®-Alloy 1 and RHODUNA® PT approx. 25% cheaper than pure rhodium, RHODUNA®-Alloy Black 1 even approx. 45% cheaper than pure Rhodium.

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* in comparison to pure rhodium