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Below you will get detailed information on a small section of our portfolio with over 1,200 products. Read and convince yourself about the advantages of our most popular solutions. Do not forget to ask our experts for extensive technical advise or a new tailor-made alternative which fits exactly to your needs.     


AURUNA® Gold Electrolytes

AURUNA® 215 Gold Iron Indium Electrolyte
AURUNA® 311 Gold Cobalt Electrolyte
AURUNA® 311 For Technical Applications
AURUNA® 502 Rose Gold Electrolyte
AURUNA® 526 Barrel Gold-Plating Electrolyte
AURUNA® 530 Gold Cobalt Electrolyte
AURUNA® 556 EF-24 Fine Gold Electrolyte for Electroforming
AURUNA® 559 Fine Gold Electrolyte
AURUNA® 568 EF-18 Gold-Silver Electrolyte for Electroforming
AURUNA® 570 Gold Silver Electrolyte
AURUNA® 3407 EF Gold Electrolyte for Electroforming
AURUNA® 5000 ST Soft Gold Electrolyte
AURUNA® 5100 Pure Gold Electrolyte
AURUNA® 5300 Gold Iron Electrolyte
AURUNA® 5400 Hard Gold Electrolyte
AURUNA® 5500 EF Gold Electrolyte for Electroforming
AURUNA® 8100 Gold Cobalt Electrolyte

ARGUNA® Silver Electrolytes

ARGUNA® 621 Bright Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® 621 EF Bright Silver Electrolyte for Electroforming
ARGUNA® 630 Fine Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® 630 GAM Hard Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® 4500 Fine Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® CF Fine Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® ET-P Bright Silver Electrolyte
ARGUNA® ET-S Fine Silver Electrolyte

RHODUNA® Rhodium Electrolytes

RHODUNA® Alloy Rhodium-Ruthenium Electrolyte
RHODUNA® Diamond Bright Rhodium Electrolyte
RHODUNA® 470 Black Rhodium Electrolyte
RHODUNA® PT Rhodium-Platinum-Electrolyte

PALLUNA® Palladium Nickel Electrolytes

PALLUNA® ACF-100 Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte
PALLUNA® ACF-200 Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte
PALLUNA® ACF-800 Pure Palladium Electrolyte
PALLUNA® 458 Pure Palladium Electrolyte
PALLUNA® 468 Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte

RUTHUNA® Ruthenium Electrolytes

RUTHUNA® 479 Black Ruthenium Electrolyte
RUTHUNA® 490 Black Ruthenium Electrolyte

PLATUNA® Platinum Electrolytes

PLATUNA® Alloy 1 Platinum Ruthenium Electrolyte

Precious Metal Preparations

Potassium Gold Cyanide 68.2 % and 68.3 %

MIRALLOY® Copper-Tin-(Zinc) Electrolytes

MIRALLOY® For the Clothing Industry
MIRALLOY® For Costume Jewellery
MIRALLOY® Copper-Tin-(Zinc-) Electrolytes
MIRALLOY® Nickel free


NIPHOS® 965 Nickel-Phosphorus Electrolyte for Connectors
NIPHOS® 966 Nickel-Phosphorus Electrolyte as Alternative to Electroless Nickel
NIPHOS® Nickel-Phosphorus Electrolyte

Pre- and Post- Treatment Processes

Umicore Antitarnish 616 PLUS
Umicore Sealing 691 EL

Anodes, Electrodes and Contact Materials

PLATINODE® Beakerglass Anodes
PLATINODE® Hard Chrome Plating
PLATINODE® Platinized Titanium/Niobium Anodes

Uyemura / Taiyo

DIG process
ENEPIG process
EPIG process
Gobright® TLA-77 Gold Electrolyte
Gobright® TWX-40 Gold Electrolyte
ISIG process
Thru-cup® EVF-N

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