How satisfied are you with our division electrocatalytic electrodes?


It is important for us to rethink our actions from time to time, which is why we are currently reviewing the work processes in the division of electrocatalytic electrodes. A significant component is also the external effect. „Of course, in almost every customer meeting we receive information about things that are going well or perhaps not so well. But only a targeted survey among customers and interested parties helps us to get an objective impression from the outside,” says Thomas Ebert (Senior Manager Electrocatalytic Electrodes), looking forward to the results of the survey which starts today.

Help us to decide on structural adjustments

The feedback in a simple questionnaire (5 minutes processing time) from you, our customers and interested parties, aiming to help us to remain an attractive partner for you in the future. As a reward for your participation (up to and including 31.03.2020) we will organize a prize draw for three Umicore gold bars of 10g, 5g and 2.5g among all participants.

We wish you good luck with the prize draw and thank you in advance for your feedback!