4 March 2019

Electrocatalytic layers increase safety and yield in wafer plating

Soluble anodes change lateral dimension, because they dissolve during operation – titanium or stainless steel cathodes do not conduct electricity as optimally as for example platinum-coated cathodes. Both have an impact on consistently good plating results – but this is particularly important in high-precision wafer coating.

No variations in thickness of plated layers

Our taylor made platinum or MMO coated electrodes help – both on the anode and cathode side – to avoid these fluctuations in the coating results through the best possible distribution. At the same time, the process costs are reduced due to an improved yield.

Further advantages, such as reduced effort in process control or significantly reduced downtimes, can be found in our information flyer as well as comparisons to conventional electrodes.

We help you on your way

Significant process improvements can be already achieved by quite simple adjustments in the area of electrodes on your coating system (by the way not only in the semiconductor production). Our sales team around Frank Friebel will be happy to explain how and look forward to hearing from you.

Frank Friebel
Sales Manager Electrocatalytic Electrodes

Email: frank.friebel@eu.umicore.com
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