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20 January 2020

How satisfied are you with our division electrocatalytic electrodes?

It is important for us to rethink our actions from time to time, which is why we are currently reviewing the work processes in the division of electrocatalytic electrodes. A significant component...

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16 December 2019

We can look back on an exciting year

Before we start another hopefully successful year together with you in 2020, we will take a short break between the years. When planning your product requirements, please note that your orders...

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8 November 2019

Immediate protection for high-quality final finishes

Our high-quality protective coatings give your decorative and technical products specific protection and quality advantages without influencing the characteristics of the precious metal...

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1 October 2019

Up to 50%* more economical with RHODUNA® Alloy

Only three years ago the price for fabricated rhodium was about 20 €/g. Due to high demand, rhodium has become the most expensive precious metal and this week for the first time it has broken...

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17 September 2019

Dark precious metal alloy with impressive properties

The new RHODUNA®-Alloy Black 1 is probably the only alloy to combine all the properties required of a dark precious metal surface. Abrasion resistance, an attractive price and, of course, a...

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20 August 2019

New electrolyte for rose-golden layers

The new AURUNA® 503 is already the third rose gold electrolyte in our product range and impresses above all with its long lifetime and high deposition speed. Since the Roségold trend in...

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9 July 2019

Umicore is one of Germany's innovation leaders

We are proud to have been honored by the F.A.Z. as one of „Germany’s innovation leaders”. Both the Umicore Group and our Electroplating Division are included in the list. Patents...

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2 May 2019

Hard chrome plating without lead for sustainable processes

According to the 2015 Environmental Toxins Report, lead is the environmental toxin with the most devastating impact on the environment and on humans. Authorities in the USA and Europe are viewing...

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4 March 2019

Electrocatalytic layers increase safety and yield in wafer plating

Soluble anodes change lateral dimension, because they dissolve during operation – titanium or stainless steel cathodes do not conduct electricity as optimally as for example platinum-coated...

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26 February 2019

Renewed ISO Certification

In February, an audit for the certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 was successfully carried out. These are globally recognized standards in the areas of quality, environmental and...

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