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6 Sep 2018

Irresistible – Rhodium with the allure of platinum

Rhodium creates a brilliant white surface on decorative products. Platinum has enjoyed an incredibly stable price for a number of years, and its name is desirable for all buyer groups.

Imagine an…

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25 Jul 2018

Improvements in detail at product labels

Sometimes good isn’t good enough anymore. This is why we decided to revise our product labels for electroplating products. Visually we didn’t make huge changes – size and layout will remain the…

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15 Jun 2018

'The star is the team'

This sentence can be heard at the moment again and again, especially now during the current World Cup. And although this motto is already over 20 years old and was issued for the European…

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16 May 2018

A confirmation of our commitment

We are again certified by RJC – an international standard for responsible business practices in the precious metal sector. This attests a responsible approach to the environment and a social…

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19 Apr 2018

Distributor Meeting in Dubai - EP Sales Summit

We want to keep all distributors in the loop of actual developments and new products, to support their customers in the various countries as best as possible. Therefore we invite our distributors…

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12 Mar 2018

Optionally inhibitor additive allows up to 15% gold savings

By the use of inhibitor additives in electrolytic gold electrolytes like the proven AURUNA® 8100 we offer you now the opportunity of a reduction of gold use. The additives allow a greatly reduced…

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16 Jan 2018

Investment in electrocatalytic electrodes manufacturing

Not only in our core business, but also in the production of electrocatalytic electrodes, we are one of the leading companies worldwide. In order to extend this status and to meet our steadily…

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14 Dec 2017

Information for our customers at the turn of the year

Today we have put together several topics, about which we would like to inform you at the end of the year.

First, we would like to thank you for your confidence in us this year. We are looking…

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4 Dec 2017

Fair review and outlook 2018

During the last few days, we had with SF China in Shanghai and Productronica in Munich the finish of the fairs this year. Only the Hong Kong PCA Show (6. – 8. December in Shezhen) will still take…

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28 Sep 2017

Crowd puller Jewellery & Gem Fair in Hong Kong

This year the rush of visitors at our booth at the ‘Jewellery & Gem Fair’ in Hong Kong (certainly one of the most important jewellery fairs worldwide) was very high again. Both, the amount of…

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