Electrolytes for shock absorbers and piston rings, connectors and LEDs

Are you producing automotive parts? Our electrolytes take care of your surfaces. Today, there is already much more Umicore used in cars than you think: we coat shock absorbers, plug connectors and LED leadframes or ennoble interiors with decorative layers in glossy black.

Umicore offers an enormously broad portfolio of precious metals and processes for the plating of surfaces such as gold, silver, rhodium, palladium and ruthenium, as well as for the plating of many alloys and non-precious metals.

We also adjust your hard chromium processes by using our excellent, platinised titanium anodes and NIPHOS®, an exciting chemical nickel alternative. A first layer of nickel-phosphorous improves the corrosion protection and reduces the thickness of your final chromium layer.

You too can benefit from our innovative capacity!

Please note: Here you may find just a part of our product range. We may have more processes for your requirements, which we could discuss together in more details. Please contact us.