Our strategy sets out our business objectives and growth plans for the coming years, as well as our sustainable development goals. Our continuous improvement process (CIP) helps us to realise these goals a little better and more efficiently every day. The Umicore Way describes our values, the way we intend to achieve these goals and our overall commitment to the principles of sustainable development.

The Umicore Way is not only for Umicore employees but also covers our relationships with all our partners. By applying the Umicore Way we combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection.


We have an integrated management system. Based on the principles of Total Quality Management, it meets all the requirements of quality management, including occupational safety and environmental protection.

We see quality as the result of our carefully planned processes: incoming raw materials are checked according to clear rules. Precisely programmed mixing and filling equipment guarantees that recipe specifications are meticulously adhered to. We consistently record all process steps.

Produce worldwide according to "Made in Germany" standards 

Every product that leaves our factory is repeatedly tested to ensure consistent quality. Benefit from the homogeneous quality of our products, especially if you have production sites in different countries or on different continents.

Our sophisticated storage and shipping logistics ensure that sensitive products arrive at our customers with the best possible protection. As a certified shipper, we are familiar with customs regulations and are a recognised partner of the logistics industry for land, sea and air freight.


We are particularly concerned to make a continuous contribution to protecting the environment and to use raw materials and resources prudently and reuse them as often as possible.                                         

In the daily work environment, we try to act in a consciously sustainable manner with measures such as switching to green electricity and recycled paper, promoting CO2-neutral mobility or using digital media to avoid business trips.

We want to do more to be able to act climate neutral from 2035 onwards

The Umicore Group, and we as part of it, think big: carbon-neutral growth, green power, energy efficiency and inspiring society by developing innovative solutions that accelerate the transition to a climate-positive future.

As a technology company focused on sustainability, we see it as our mission to use our technological know-how, scientific expertise and entrepreneurial reach to be an industry leader in sustainability. We are committed to rethinking processes, transforming and focusing our efforts on net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. We also support our customers and partners around the world in their efforts to advance environmental and health protection.

Occupational safety and health protection

For us, it is an obligation to implement and comply with the high standards of environmental and safety legislation. The protection of people and the environment in our surroundings and beyond are equally important goals for us as productivity and product quality.

We do not compromise on safety 

Only skilled employees, whom we have carefully prepared for their tasks, work in the entire operating area. Our plants are designed according to the state of the art in safety technology and are constantly optimised. 

In addition to creating an accident-free working environment for everyone, we also attach great importance to the health of our employees. Information and prevention options as well as a workplace that is as ergonomic as possible are therefore an obligatory part of what we offer our employees. 


We believe that a commitment to honesty, ethics and integrity provides an essential foundation of trust - for customers, business partners, shareholders, employees as well as society at large. Therefore, we carefully monitor the initial steps as well as the existing relationships and business activities with our customers and suppliers (Know Your Counterparty) and closely adhere to the principles of the most important international guidelines.

We have compliance with our high standards audited by external institutions 

We are a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and comply with the Code of Practices and Chain of Custody standard. The RJC is a standards-setting organisation established to build consumer confidence in the jewellery industry by promoting responsible business practices throughout the jewellery supply chain. This includes upholding ethical, social, environmental and human rights principles.