We understand quality as the result of carefully planned operations: All incoming raw material is checked according to strict guidelines. Precisely programmed mixing and filling systems guarantee that all requirements are exactly followed. Each process step is logged.

Each container that leaves our facility is repeatedly tested and uniquely labeled. Thereby our colleagues guarantee constant level of quality. Everything is transparent for you: Each container can be easily traced back, identifying which components were used.

Produce Worldwide
according to standards “Made in Germany”

Especially if you have different production sites across different countries and continents, you can profit from the reliable quality of our electrolytes and processes.

Our special storage and shipping logistics ensures that sensitive products arrive well-protected. As certified shipper we know customs regulations and are a recognised logistics partner by truck, sea and air freight.

Continuously Improvement:
For us ‘Good’ is not good enough 

Our employees are motivated to constantly improve processes and products. Our management rewards each employee or team that submits ideas or suggestions under the 'Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)'.

We appreciate the confirmation
by external institutions.

This demonstrates the high demands on ourselves. Find our certificates at our Download Centre.