Umicore Electroplating develops, produces and distributes worldwide 

  • precious metal electrolytes (gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium and palladium)
  • non-precious metal electrolytes (such as copper-tin-zinc)
  • precious metal compounds and
  • dimensionally stable anodes 

for electroplating and other fields of use.
In addition, we can platinum plate refractory metals (such as titanium, tungsten and niobium) in our high-temperature electrolysis system.

Our portfolio currently includes around 1,200 products.

Many product lines are proven for years: AURUNA®, ARGUNA®, MIRALLOY®, NIPHOS®, PALLUNA®, RHODUNA®, RUTHUNA® or anodes called PLATINODE®. We develop all series continuously.

Our team has direct contact with our customers and provides individual solutions. Our colleagues offer local support worldwide so that your customers are also satisfied.

  • We recommend the most suitable electrolyte for the application: During our joint analysis, we often find better or cheaper alternatives.
  • Umicore surface technicians optimize your processes.
  • Our engineers design and produce environmentally-friendly high-performance anodes.
  • Our analytical department checks your electrolytes.
  • We are a 'recognized shipper' and can reliably deliver worldwide with the support of our logistics partners.
  • Our research department develops new electrolytes.
  • We know national and international guidelines and are up to date regarding global trends in environmental, occupational safety and health legislation.

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